Validating dfdata

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Number and percent identified, agreement and percent unique to a given data source were calculated and compared across each dataset and to the gold standard with respect to identifying all patients who underwent endoscopy and all endoscopies received by those patients.

The combined administrative data and physician billing data identified as high or higher percentage of patients who had one or more endoscopy (84% and 78%, respectively) and total endoscopy procedures (89% and 81%, respectively) than the chart review (78% for both).

It also relates to a decisional information system implementing this process.

Databases that are developed and maintained for administrative purposes are frequently used in population health research and disease surveillance because of their availability, generality, cost-effectiveness and large population encompassed.

The quality of administrative data, however, is often questioned when the data are employed in health outcomes research or quality measurement [].

The increasing complexity of information systems which integrate in particular client-server architectures and integrated local area networks renders efficient management of service quality within these systems increasingly difficult.

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