Reallifecam liv

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Watching someone watch TV isn’t exactly boundary crossing.

But now an Eastern European website called Real Life Cam is being branded ‘creepy’ after it gives online access to 10 willing couples as they go about their daily activities. Well on the face of it, all ‘activities’ they partake in are pretty dull.His life slowly gets better as he finds love and receives good news from his son, but his new luck is about to be brutally shattered by an innocent little lie.A retired legal counselor writes a novel hoping to find closure for one of his past unresolved homicide cases and for his unreciprocated love with his superior - both of which still haunt him decades later.The more time he spends listening in on them, the more he comes to care about them.The once rigid Stasi officer begins to intervene in their lives, in a positive way, protecting them whenever possible.

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