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My only contribution is hopefully I can be the butt of a joke they talk about on the road; I deserve it.

His ticket prices are affordable, he puts on a truly unforgettable performance and some of his songs will bring you to tears, not in a sappy way but in an I-never-thought-I'd-be-moved-by-music kind of way.

In 2004, Micarelli released her first album Music From A Farther Room, executive produced by Groban.

It’s documentary-like in style and pace, intimate and intelligent and respectful of characters and a setting rarely visited on a network TV drama.

An old trick is to set the mechanical advance springs in the distributor very weak so that at.

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Chris Botti concert in Poznan Poland 5.10.2014 - EMMANUEL - ft LUCIA MICARELLI.

It's not necessarily Botti himself; it's the sound & feeling that comes out of his horn and the relationship he creates with his audience.

That was required of you on ‘Deadwood.’ It was really intense, dense material.” Dickens played Shelby Saracen in the third and forth seasons of “Friday Night Lights,” the fifth and final season of which is now airing on NBC.

I didn’t know what ‘checking the gate’ or ‘reset’ was.

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