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"Everyone is here to make a living," said one 35-year-old woman who came originally from a village in central Thailand.

I keep wanting to leave the scene, but just when you say to yourself, ‘I've had enough. ’ you meet an incredible person, a person who has worked the bar for years and yet is kind, considerate, and has a compelling message.

PATTAYA, Thailand (Reuters) - With mascots dressed as smiling fish and a police rock band, Thai authorities launched a "Happy Zone" at the weekend to improve the image of a city notorious for sex tourism.

“When you get to know them more and talk on a more intimate level, you understand that in almost all the workers there is sadness, a pain in their lives because of what they do.” Returning again and again to such sadness, Yaum said, has been draining.

“I am finding it harder and harder to return to the bars to make pictures.

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