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Let him down gently with dinner at Belle Vie - the closest you can get to the feeling of being in Paris, without having to buy a ticket to France.Grab a booth or a spot at the bar, let the (French) waitstaff pick the wine for you, order the gravlax and beef burgundy tacos, and promise that Christmas with his parents will be just as good.Los Angeles is a fun city to visit, whether you are planning a quick weekend getaway or a longer vacation.From world-class museums and attractions to unique activities and restaurants, there is plenty to see and do.Or maybe you’d like to attend special Twilight Concert series during summer as well.

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Some dates are less about the food, more about the vibe. It feels like the sophisticated bungalow house you don’t yet live in, and the small side patio is magic if you need to bring out the big romance guns.

For starters, you need a place where you can hear each other. Save the prix-fixe menus and helicopter rides for later. Go with Chez Tex instead, the cutest neighborhood bistro they most likely have never heard of.

There’s no rose on the table and you don’t need to share your whole life story in hopes of making it to the next episode. This might seem obvious but you need a place that proves you know what you’re doing, without overdoing it. If you suggest a pop-up restaurant where you’re floating in the air at a table hanging from a crane, you’re probably going to scare them off.

So instead, why not have the forethought to plan an awesome day that doesn’t break the bank? Why not show your date that you’ve put real thought and effort into what you want to do?

She (or he) will be happy you’re so considerate, and you’ll save some bucks by picking fun and free (or nearly free) activities you can both enjoy together. Well, as the title may imply, below I have compiled a list of great activities ideal for a low budget so you won’t have to worry about who will pay. When it comes to doing more for less Griffith Park is one of he L. For one thing, you can take a nice hike at the Griffith trail (more on hiking later), where you will find yourself surrounded by nature and wilderness.

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