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The episodes selected emphasize the issue-oriented side of the show and are not necessarily the funniest.

Following Bea Arthur's departure, the series was revamped into the unsuccessful Production credits: A Witt Thomas Harris Production Executive producers: Paul Junger Witt, Tony Thomas Produced by: Kathy Speer, Terry Grossman Co-produced by: Marsha Posner Williams Created by: Susan Harris Supervising producer: Paul Bogart Executive story consultant: Winifred Hervey Executive script consultants: Mort Nathan, Barry Fanaro Creative consultant: Liz Sage Associate directors: Jon Sharp, Gary Shimokawa, Doug Smart Editorial assistant: Lex Passaris Charles Levin [ Coco ], Frank Aletter [ Harry ], F.

it might have been drugs but when she died my grandfather got sick and started to die he said that did you see 3 horse men in the hall way.

Their suspicions are confirmed when Blanche comes home from a date with Harry, all aflutter with marriage plans.

For best friends Lola Poole and Joan Proctor-Riley, theres never too much when it comes to online-dating rich, no-commitments lovers.

Soon, theyre taking ever greater risks to pursue their desires When rugged trucker Calvin Ramsey comes into Lolas sights, hes a surprising answer to all her prayers.

I remember seeing a very bright room but could not see any light fixtures.

On my left ahead of me were two people sitting on a transparent bench, i could only tell it was a bench because it was outlined in a thin black stripe.

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